About Us

The Seaworks site has been entrusted to a community foundation – the Seaworks Foundation – a not for profit company registered in Victoria in November 2006.

The Foundation has been established as a result of extensive community discussion about the future of the Port of Melbourne Authority site.  Together Parks Victoria, Hobson’s Bay City Council, Williamstown Maritime Association and the Victorian State Government have formed the framework for this initiative, resulting in the creation of Seaworks Foundation. Our full history can be found on the History page.

The site is vested in Parks Victoria as Committee of Management under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978. Parks Victoria is also waterway (Maritime Act 1988 and Port
Management (Port Services Act 1995). Parks Victoria occupies the site offices on-site. The agreement with Parks Victoria is a 21 year lease.

The Foundation is governed by a Board, currently seven members, appointed as individuals. You can read about the current Board members on this page.