Australia Day & Australia Day Eve

  • 25th-26th January 2017
Australia Day & Australia Day Eve

Australia Day Eve 25 January 2017 6.00 pm—9.30 pm

  • The Sun Theatre Presents: Movie Night in the Big Shed— BYO Chairs
  • Ships tours of Tenacious (UK) and the Enterprize Tall Ships
  • Family Fireworks 9.15pm
  • BBQ
  • Pirates Tavern Open


Australia Day 26 January 2017 10.00 am—4.00 pm

  • Ships tours of Tenacious (UK)
  • 1 hour sails on the Enterprize Tall Ships (to book go to
  • Children’s Activities including treasure hunt, pirate swashbuckling fun
  • Must book (free), maximum of 40 children at any one time
  • Seaworks Maritime Discovery Centre and Pirates Tavern Open
  • BBQ

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