Family Fun @ The Shed

  • 30th June - 2nd July 2016
Family Fun @ The Shed


30th June – 2nd July 2016

daily 10am till 3pm

friday 5pm till 9pm

Created by local Food & Event professionals that have extensive experience of School Holidays being nagged constantly by their kids who relentlessly deliver one liners like:

“What are we doing today”?

“There’s nothing to do”!

“I’m bored”!

WARNING: June School Holidays is known as a time where due to weather many families don’t go away and find it challenging to keep their children occupied. Family FUN is an indoor event that is not affected by the elements.

Williamstown Waterfront Events is a company made up of local parents that have an active interest in the West. The team have experience of creating some of the most successful family and food events in the West. Combining this experience and their insight with the love of the area, they have created what promises to be a marquee event called ‘Family FUN @ The Shed’.